Tips for successful betting on the results of football matches

In many ways, the demand for sports betting is due to the popularity of football. Football matches account for the majority of forecasts, their results are discussed not only by numerous fans, but also by professional experts. Important games are watched by a multi-million television audience.

Bets on football are made by almost all customers of bookmakers. But not everyone can boast of positive results. And although hardly any of the betters admit that he is not very well versed in football twists and turns, statistics suggest otherwise. In fairness, we note that because of the betting margin, it is quite difficult for players to win on bets more than to lose. We hope that with the help of our tips you will win more often. Perhaps the best site for Express betting in Kenya – mCheza

Error in the estimation of the favorites

Of course, betting on football can hardly be considered as a source of income. It is very difficult to make a full-fledged profession out of a hobby, especially one associated with risk. But it is still possible to beat bookmakers, and it is not necessary to become a professional better.

To begin with, you should refuse to bet online on favorites. This is one of the major mistakes made by many beginners. The assumption that by betting money on a stronger team, a player will receive stable winnings in the long run is incorrect. For favourites, bookmakers artificially lower the odds, meaning the player wins less. Because of this, and because in reality outsiders win a little more often than it may seem, betting on strong teams is meaningless. The above primarily applies to those betters who regularly participate in sports betting.

Constantly choosing the outcome of the victory of the stronger participants, you will thereby receive less winnings, because the coefficients are always underestimated. It is not to be hoped that outsiders will constantly concede.

The use of multiples

Express bets are advertised by many bookmakers. Often, additional bonuses and insurance are awarded for their use. Bookmakers offer odds a huge and almost complete freedom in the choice of outcomes. But all this is nothing more than a trick.

On Express trains it is impossible to achieve permanent wins. Because of the large number of outcomes included in the combination, the risks of losing become especially high. In fact, payouts are so rare that the player loses any opportunity to win back the lost money.

It is better to use several independent from each other ordinaries, the chances of success will be incomparably higher.


The more time better spend studying the statistics, the better will be its prediction. It has been repeatedly observed that as soon as a beginner begins to look at the statistics, his bets win more often.