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Teaching & Technology

Science & Research Laboratories

The University also has over 30 different science laboratories for basic sciences subjects as well as specialized research laboratories such as Pharmacognosy Lab, Simulated Aseptic Room, Medical Sciences lab, Biomedical Engineering Lab and Bioequivalance Drug Lab among others. Distinct from the basic science laboratories where most of the teaching and learning is conducted, the graduate and research specific laboratories cater specifically to students who are conducting their research projects for both graduate and undergraduate programmes. These labs are equipped with High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC), Gas Chromatography (GC), Spectrophotometer, Gel Documentation System, ELISA Absorbance Reader, Microplate Washer and Polymerase Chain Reaction thermal cycler (PCR), among many others.

Clinical Teaching Facilities

To ensure our students have first-hand experience in patient management, trained clinical skills instructors also conduct clinical skills session in any of our 3 Clinical Mock Wards which have been designed similar to a typical hospital ward along with teaching mannequins, electrocardiogram machines and other hospital & surgical tools.

Anatomy Museum (Learning Resource Centre) & Dissection Hall

Our students are introduced to the human anatomy and systems using a full collection of realistic and detailed plastic models in the Learning Resource Centre. For actual exposure to human parts, lecturers conduct sessions in our Human Dissection Hall, which includes facilities for wet and dry dissection using approved medical cadavers. These resources have been put in place to provide the best-in-quality education and to ensure our graduates are fully prepared to face real-world challenges.