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“We plan on doing this as our part time activity while earning some pocket money”, said Vishanth.

Spirit of Patriotism Expressed through Young Talents

“It’s a notable fact that Malaysians have this abiding ideology where patriotism has always been perceived as a necessary value to impart upon the next generation”, quoted columnist Siti Nurliza Samsudin in her article entitled ‘The Value of Patriotism’ posted on February 12, 2017, via the Malay Mail Online.

In the pursuit of local young talents to showcase the unique and diverse Malaysian culture to the world and in conjunction with the nation’s 60th Independence Day, Orando Holdings Sdn. Bhd. initiated a ‘Negara Ku’ short video contest.

Responding unswervingly to the substantial call of expressing love and gratitude towards their homeland, several groups of university students took up the challenge of bringing to life the energy and vibes of young talents in Malaysia through creative video productions. Perceiving it as a great platform to cultivate the spirit of patriotism and love for the nation among today’s younger generation, a group of students from Cyberjaya University College of Medical Sciences (CUCMS) along with their friends from other universities were among those who signed up for the ‘Negara Ku’ short video contest.


The key individuals responsible for this creative production were Nicolas Wong, the Producer, Royazami Hj. Johari, the Co-Producer, both Bachelor students in Occupational Safety and Health (BOSH) and Vishanth, a Bachelor student in Physiotherapy. These talented young men seized the opportunity to take part in this contest when their teammate Vishanth, shared the information of the online advertisement with them. “Within the first week, I inquired of my friends whom I knew was skilled in cinematography, producing video and those who had previously done Youtube videos. Having gathered a complete team, we began drafting ideas the same week to come up with a unique story line”, said Vishanth.

According to Royazami, the Co-Producer, “Around seven students were involved in the video production. Along with us was Meshaliny, a Bachelor student of Psychology, also from Cyberjaya University College and three other students from neighboring universities. Besides that, we also had friends who supported us as a backup team”.

Having teamwork as their core motivation, these talented youngsters remained united in making the video production a success. “We didn’t know each other at the start. But teamwork kept us going on. It was a whole new circle of students working together throughout the filming process. Each of us had our differences; our ups and downs. There came a point when we thought we would never make it to complete the production. However, we discovered that the bond became closer as we progressed stage by stage. There was a continual expansion of ideas. Our effort and commitment increased as well. Being the team leader was crucial as it was necessary that I maintained a balance in managing my team and made sure they were my priority. It would have been meaningless if we were divided in any way while working on the video which sole purpose was to spread the message of unity, peace, harmony and love among Malaysians”, said Nicolas Wong, the Producer cum team leader.

The team was greatly encouraged with the incredible support from friends who spent hours listening to the screenplay and helping to amend wherever necessary. Besides that, they also suggested creative ideas that enhanced the video in various aspects such as the suitable angle for each shot, script edits, background music and more. “We gained support from most of our friends who weren’t directly involved in the production”, added Vishanth.

Though they faced several challenges in producing the short video, the team finally nailed it. “From our experience throughout the video production, we encountered many hurdles but we never gave up. Every hurdle is a gateway to success and hard work always pays”, urged Vishanth.

“It is important to appreciate what you have, your surrounding and those who are always around as a source of support and strength”, Nicolas continued.

The team expressed their gratitude and appreciation to all those who were involved in making the video a successful production.

Click to watch Unsung Heroes ‘Negara Ku’ short film

A1001212Posted by Orando Holdings on Friday, 30 June 2017


Story line

Unsung Heroes ‘Negara Ku’ short film depicts the life of a soldier who sacrificed everything to serve his country. Today, many of us fail to see these brave and courageous individuals as heroes. We’ve forgotten the sacrifices they made to gain independence for the nation. This short film seeks to remind us that the memories of these legacies and their chivalry ought to live on in our hearts and minds throughout generations.

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