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“All of us, the great and the little have need of each other.” – Aesop

Feed the Homeless: Reaching Out to The Poor and Needy

As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility, TREX Adventure Club organized its’ fourth programme called ‘Feed the Homeless’. Around 45 staff of Cyberjaya University College of Medical Sciences gathered in collaboration with another volunteer team known as Help Project (Misi Bantuan Gelandangan Kota) in an effort to feed the unfortunate people in areas around the city.

Areas around KL namely Masjid Negara, Chow Kit and Puduraya were the main focus. Prior to this effort of reaching out to those in need, the Help Project volunteer team had been actively involved in this program since 2013 and were familiar with the routine of the homeless people which made it a lot easier for the collaborating team to approach the homeless in a more appropriate manner.

TREX distributed dry food and beverage such as bread and mineral water along with a hygiene kit which consisted of a toothbrush, sanitary pads, soap and clothes that were donated by CUCMS staffs. The distribution of F&B and hygiene kits were done in groups assigned to cover each respective area.

This manner of approach of feeding the homeless and providing their basic hygiene needs by TREX was done to create new opportunities and provide space for their members to know and understand the society better before drawing up their own conclusions and forming their own prejudices of these unfortunate people. As the saying goes, “All of us, the great and the little have need of each other.” – Aesop (625-560 BC)

On the other hand, this program also reminded participants how fortunate and blessed they really are to have everything. It also served as a reminder for them to start viewing life positively from every angle. Nevertheless, participants discovered new acquaintances and indeed it was a priceless experience.

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