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Cyberjaya University College of Medical Sciences is a top-tier healthcare university in Malaysia

CyberjayaUC Partners with DreamEDGE Sdn. Bhd.

Biomedical Engineering is a young yet promising field that depicts a bright future as the technology and health care industry see a continuous growth in the Malaysian economy. Cyberjaya University College to Pioneer Biomedical Engineering Innovation ...

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Malaysia as Future Global Health Care Destination

“Physiotherapy is one way we can help patients recuperate by means of hands-on skills”, said Vishanth Student Resolute to Develop New Research that will Portray Malaysia as a Global Health Care Destination in the Future Vishanth Rathakrishnan, ...

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Young Soul Focused towards Workplace Safety

In its’ 2017 annual survey, the Safety & Health magazine stated that “88% of industry respondents believe the Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) job market is stable”. Young Soul Focused towards Workplace Safety Hailing from Selangor, ...

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CyberjayaUC Sports Carnival

Engaging in sports is a great time to put aside stress, develop positive energy and increase performance”, said Prof. Dato’ Dr. Mohamad Abd Razak CyberjayaUC Geared Up for the Love of Sports 23rd October 2017 – Organized by Cyberjaya UC ...

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CyberjayaUC’s Rest Or Fiesta Lah

According to Vishanth Rathakrishnan, chairperson of the ROFL, “The ‘Rest or Fiesta Lah (ROFL) 2017’ was an initiative to gather staff and students to celebrate and engage in games, talks and recreation”. CYBERJAYA UC REST OR FIESTA LAH ...

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CyberjayaUC’s Research Week

“Research has become one of the most important pillars in the 2015-2020 CyberjayaUC Strategic Thrusts,” said Associate Professor Dr. Muhammad Najib bin Mohamad Alwi, the Chairman of the 1st CyberjayaUC Research Week. CyberjayaUC’s ...

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CyberjayaUC wins Bronze at PECIPTA 2017

“This wasn’t our first time participating in PECIPTA as we had previously won a medal from the invention of Solehring. This proves that Cyberjaya University College’s research is at par with other universities and has been recognised as ...

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Nashweta & Human Body Recuperation

“Within the past year, I took part in a talk on Physiotherapy for a safer and Healthier Workplace and visited the Pride Foundation to educate patients and clients on Lymphedema”, said Nashweta. Student Fascinated on the Human Body Recuperation ...

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Cyberjaya University College 8TH Convocation

Isaac Danker from the Bachelor of Pharmacy (Hons) programme and the recipient of this year’s Chancellor’s Award said, “I look upon this award as a achievement which required learning form countless mistakes and by having a high sense ...

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