Internationally renowned homeopathy expert speaks at AIHS 2016

27th March 2016, Cyberjaya – One often hears of experienced mothers claiming that each of their children are unique in their own ways and that different approaches are needed for each child to bring out the best in them. In some ways that also applies to how we approach illnesses. Traditional and complementary medical practitioners always take the view that you must treat the patient as a whole and not just the disease, claims Dr Parinaz Humranwala. It is for this reason that homeopathic treatments are tailored specifically to the patient’s temperaments.


A passionate advocate for a holistic approach to health care, Dr Parinaz is an internationally recognized expert on homeopathy from Mumbai, India. She has had an illustrious career spanning 29 years and was the first and only female homeopath to have researched and innovated a temperament based research software system for the Homoeopathy community called ‘TEMPRAZ’. Dr. Parinaz has championed the cause of Homoeopathy through her teaching at CMP Homeopathic Medical College, Mumbai where she educates and inspires her students. Her book ‘Temperament Types – A Study’, is now a recommended text book in most colleges and her seminars based on this have seen record attendance. In recognition of her selfless service and passion for homeopathy, Dr. Parinaz has received numerous awards including the Dr. S. R. Wadia Proficiency Medal and the Excellence in Homoeopathy award by the M.D. (Hom) alumni in Beed, India.


She was speaking over the weekend at the Annual International Homeopathic Seminar 2016 (AIHS 2016) organised by the Faculty of Traditional & Complementary Medicine at Cyberjaya University College of Medical Sciences. This annual event brings to the forefront distinguished international homeopathy practitioners who conduct masterclasses and training seminars to further enhance participant’s skills and knowledge. The 2-day international seminar held at the CUCMS campus on 26th – 27th March 215 saw over 100 homeopathy practitioners in attendance.


AIHS 2016 focused primarily on studying the temperaments of patients especially children. Dr. Parinaz goes on to explain that different patients with similar illness can be said to be in a similar situation however their reactions to any treatment will always differ from individual to individual. That is why the study of temperaments is key in designing a specific and effective treatment. Temperament is the characteristic combination of physical, mental and moral qualities which together constitute the character and disposition of an individual and predispose him to act and behave in a particular manner. Dr. Parinaz explains that by being unprejudiced and a keen observer one can understand the remedy for children especially with proper recording of the child’s history.


Homeopathy as an alternative medicine in Malaysia continues to gain acceptance. Overseen by the Department of Traditional & Complementary Medicine, Ministry of Health Malaysia, this branch of medical science has been in existence since 1796. Originally proposed by the German physician Samuel Hahnemann, the principles of homeopathy lies in the doctrine of similia similibus curentur or like cures like where effective drugs are believed to produce symptoms similar to those of the diseases that they treat in normal individuals.


Homeopathy has seen relatively strong acceptance in Europe and India. A 1994 research article by physicians Peter Fisher and Adam Ward published in the British Medical Journal stated that 40% of GPs in Netherlands provide homeopathic treatments at their clinics and was the most popular alternative medicine option in France during the period where 36% of patients opted for homeopathy.  In Germany, a 2008 telephone survey found that 27% of alternative medicine users opted for homeopathy. India has formally added homeopathy to its list of official alternative medicines recognized by its heath authority. Homeopathy education has also reached a mature state with recognized and regulated homeopathic medical colleges being operated in India.


In Malaysia, CUCMS remains the only university to offer a fully accredited and approved 4-year medical science degree in homeopathy. The course is further approved by the Ministry of Health through its Department of T&CM and the Malaysian Homeopathic Medical Council.








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