Future Inspired Open Day: Making an Informed Career Choice

4th January 2020, Cyberjaya – The workforce is now experiencing the fourth industrial revolution, Industry 4.0 which focuses on smart and autonomous systems using data and machine learning. As a result, shifts are happening, and we are in the midst of a significant career transformation.

Industry 4.0 will see the increase in intelligent systems and robotics that can work longer hours. Yet, the challenge for Malaysian students is not the lack of job opportunities but the lack of skills needed in jobs of the future. Responding to this, the University of Cyberjaya recently organized an Open Day and Seminar, titled Future Inspired, to better inform students and parents of the transformation and developments in different sectors of the economy and society.

The Open Day and Seminar featured many activities such as Career-Personality Mapping test, Hands-on Demonstration and Mini workshops and career talks featuring prominent speakers including Savant Garde Learning Solutions CEO and principal trainer, Thomas Yap.

Thomas Yap, Savant Garde Learning Solutions CEO and principal trainer.

Thomas Yap, who has over 12 years of training experience spoke about ‘The 6 Ps in Charting a Suitable Career Path After SPM”, elaborating on the dos and don’ts when making important decisions in regard to tertiary education.

Passion, potential, personality, priorities, prospects and parents make up the 6Ps that will help school-leavers gain a clearer sense of what to do.

He believes that workers that are passionate about what they do will be both happier and more productive at work. “Their passion stems from caring deeply about what they do or where they work and being personally invested in and motivated by its mission”.

In his talk, he pointed out that parents should allow and support their children to pursue their dream career. Children, in turn, should have a proper discussion with their parents, backed up with proper research and findings to help parents further understand their interest.

Other experts that participated in the career talk were Monsta Asia founder, Chan Zhi Ee and TMC Life Sciences Berhad manager, Edmund Teh. Both Teh and Zhi Ee spoke on the future of work and what health care professionals can expect in the future.

Chan Zhi Ee, founder of Monsta Asia

Zhi Ee who has 8 years of experience working in the youth and event industry with over 100 universities and colleges across Southeast Asia shared eight useful tips that make for an exciting resume in the current industrial revolution. Her tips have helped hundreds of students from her programme gain employment in various sectors across the country.

She stressed on the importance of asking for opportunities and networking. “Networking will help you develop and improve your skillset, stay on top of the latest trends in your industry, meet prospective mentors and gain access to the necessary resources that will foster your career development”. Zhi Ee advised students to ‘take massive actions’ if you want to stand out from the rest.

Edmund Teh, from one of the fastest healthcare groups in Malaysia, TMC Life Sciences Berhad spoke on how AI is bringing a paradigm shift in the healthcare industry. “The future of AI in healthcare will be fundamentally game-changing, improving care for millions of patients in numerous ways. Universities should prepare and adjust to these global changes to ensure that the next-generation talent meets the needs of firms of the future.

Edmund Teh manager at  TMC Life Sciences Berhad

The Open Day and Seminar was a great initiative by the University of Cyberjaya to help parents and students to make better-informed decisions on future careers. The University has taken great measures to prepare students for the IR 4.0 workplace by making necessary updates to its programmes in medicine, pharmacy, business, accounting, health sciences, occupational safety & health, information technology and more.

For more information on the programmes offered by the University of Cyberjaya please email to inquiry@cybermed.edu.my or call +603-8313 7000/ +6011-1112 3344.

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