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Executive Centre for

Lifelong Learning

Executive Centre of Lifelong Learning (EXCELL) is dedicated to promoting a culture of lifelong learning and provides affordable continuing learning programmes delivered by renowned experts.


EXCELL programmes  are geared towards working professionals from various backgrounds. EXCELL is a Category ‘A’ training provider registered with the Malaysian Human Resource Development Fund (HRDF). The Centre runs its own Executive Certificate Programmes, Seminars, Public Trainings and Conferences as well as providing consultation services, targeted towards working adults, healthcare practitioners, students and the larger public.


To date, EXCELL has developed extensive training programmes in the following areas;

  •  Medical Sciences
  •  Allied Health Sciences
  •  Pharmaceutical
  •  Traditional & Complementary Medicine
  •  Disaster & Relief Medicine
  •  Entrepreneurship
  •  Occupational Safety & Health
  •  General Courses (Healthcare)
  •  General Management Courses (other sectors)

All of our programmes are produced and delivered by a group of highly experienced, competent and certified practitioners who are leading experts in their chosen field and disciplines. The learning approach adopted by EXCELL has been developed from our industrial and practical experiences as well as proven best practices.


  1. We pride ourselves in offering the best, most thorough and up to date training currently available for niche areas.


  1. We believe different clients have their own unique objectives and needs. Therefore, our programmes are flexible enough to use different approaches and techniques. These means our  customised solutions are tailor-made to a client’s specific requirements.


  1. Our programmes are claimable from the Malaysian Human Resource Development Fund (HRDF).


  1. We support our clients to achieve greater results through  appropriate follow up measures and ensure return of investment for clients.


  1. We utilise highly interactive training techniques and adopt some of the latest approaches to learning.

Here are some of the programmes we frequently organise for the public as well as closed or corporate groups.

Practice Of Clinical Pharmacy In Community

This training program is design  to introduce to clinical pharmacy concept and the importance of clinical pharmacy to community and retail pharmacy.  It also cover the use of systematic and holistic approach in providing pharmaceutical care and to deliver pharmaceutical care towards patient care and wellness. As pharmacists increasingly focus their practices on the provision of pharmaceutical care and expect to be compensated for pharmaceutical care services, the need for a consistent and broadly accepted classification of pharmacy practice activities becomes evident.

Recognizing and Managing Stress In The Workplace

Learning how to engage with, recognize and respond to issues impacting on mental wellbeing in the workplace is an essential investment that brings benefits to both your organization and your employees. A UK based study has shown that improving the management of mental ill-health in the workplace can generate savings of about RM10,000 each year for every worker with a mental health condition. This course is design to educate the participants on the impact of stress to the worker and also to the organization. It also helps managers to identify and implement appropriate management strategies to manage employees who are experiencing stress related problems at work and describe treatments and self-management strategies that are available for depression and anxiety disorders.

Basic Medical Sciences Course For Traditional And Complementary Medicine (T&CM) Practitioners

This course offers the participants an understanding of the human body, how it works, normal and abnormal functions, including how diseases occur. It is designed to help participants to recognize signs and symptoms of various diseases. It covers the modules of general anatomy, general physiology, biochemistry, basic & applied nutrition, general pathology & microbiology, environmental health & hygiene, general pharmacology, and fundamentals of psychology & counselling.

Basic Ergonomic Awareness

This course will introduce the importance and principles of Ergonomics at workplace. A mismatch between the physical requirements of the job and the physical capacity of the worker can result in musculoskeletal disorder (MSDs). Efforts to reduce the incidence and severity of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) could provide a number of financial and productivity benefits to the organization as well as leading to an early reporting and avoidance of injury. The knowledge of the basic principles of ergonomics will allow workers to interact safely and efficiently with the tools, equipment, machine and the workplace environment and thus avoid discomfort awhile maximizing productivity.

First-Aid, CPR and Basic Life Support

Our certified and highly experienced trainers will prepare you for the unexpected emergencies with first aid training including CPR and Basic Life Support techniques. You’ll also learn about First-Aid and how to properly care for wounds, seizures, strokes, cuts and scrapes as well as, heart attacks and more. This flexible and cost effective programme can be tailored to the clients’ needs and learning schedule. Corporate clients frequent seek this programme to help them to be OSH compliant.

Disaster and Relief Medicine

A unique programme that was developed by CUCMS with its experts, this programme equips learners with the necessary skills to undertake emergency operations during a disaster or other major incidents. Participants will be trained on leadership, communication and critical procedures and skills in providing medical assistance and evacuation during relief operations. This programme was crafted with input from members of the industry and MERCY Malaysia.

Essential Communication in Workplace

Communication skills are essential in any organization. It can determine success of a business, company, or individual. Our programme, designed in-house at the university, brings together communication and language experts to ensure an industry relevant curriculum for all clients. Improving employee communication skills through training exercises and behavior modeling can give your or your organization a competitive edge.

Successful Negotiations for Salespeople

Having a sales team with strong negotiation skills is very important as business thrive in an ever-competitive world. Negotiation has become a significant part of salesperson’s arsenal of skills. Our trainers will help you unlock your sales team’s abilities and equip them with the knowledge to lead and win important negotiations. This programme will be tailored made for the clients and their respective industries. Trainings are interactive and will utilise simulated demonstrations and practice.

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