Emotional Intelligence: How to Rationalize It? | Cyberjaya University College of Medical Sciences

“Learning to adapt to something knowing it is temporary is how one adjusts his or her own emotional intelligence.”

Emotional Intelligence: How to Rationalize It?[Email-Att]seminar-with-staff-prof-muhaya

The 3rd edition of the CUCMS’ Distinguished Lecture Series 2017 featured Prof Dr. Muhaya Mohamad, CUCMS’ Adjunct Professor Faculty of Medicine who was invited to give a lecture on the topic of “Emotional Intelligence – How to Rationalize It” on 28th April 2017. She is a renowned speaker, motivator, lifestyle coach, Professor of Ophthalmology of Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia and Adjunct Professor at the International Islamic University of Malaysia and also the Chairperson of Malaysian Medical Association Ophthalmological Society. Approximately 100 people including CUCMS’ Staff and students attended the lecture session.

Among the key points discussed were the concept of emotional intelligence, the importance of applying it alongside one’s career path and in one’s social life. Apart from that, Prof. Muhaya also provided an in-depth understanding of how being emotionally intelligent can benefit the audience in becoming a better member of society.

Prof. Muhaya talked about the emotional intelligence as a concept and explained about IQ (Intelligence Quotient), EQ (Emotional Quotient) and SQ (Spiritual Quotient) where IQ tells a person what to do, EQ tells a person how to do it and SQ tells a person why he or she does it. Prof Muhaya defined someone who has a high SQ as one who has a purposeful living.

Approaching the end of the lecture, Prof. Muhaya urged audiences to reset their minds and reminded them that “whatever you do must be done with the right intention and your intention creates your reality”. The whole lecture session based on a holistic approach was held mainly to incorporate positivity among those present.


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