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“The choice is yours; whether to avoid, change or accept negative perceptions to continue progressing”

CUCMS staff encouraged to make “A Choice to Excel”

A Professional Development talk took place on 14th July 2017 featuring Mr Mohamad Fairus bin Shidi, a Master Trainer to help improve CUCMS staff personal empowerment and organisational excellence. Approximately 60 academic and non-academic staff attended the training.

The training session began with Mr Fairus explaining on how taking up challenges and empowering choices can help boost one’s confidence level and deal with criticism as individuals are often wearied by the negative statements people make about them. Mr Fairus explained, “There’s always something wrong in whatever you do. But, never let it hinder your progress. When people are constantly dissatisfied with you despite the efforts you make, you have a choice either to avoid, change or simply accept the perception and continue progressing”

Apart from that, he also stressed the importance of habit and attitude by explaining that habit refers to the result of an action which is repeatedly done and attitude refers to a perception that one would likely have based on decisions one makes from given choices. Mr Fairus provided an example to justify his point, saying, “One can always choose to refrain or reverse from a negative situation whilst having the choice in hand”. This indicated the importance of having the right habit and attitude to ensure positive development.

Participants were also encouraged to reflect on the choices they make as personal experiences critically influence the decision-making process. Mr Fairus reminded participants that “When making a choice, one should consider all outcomes and most importantly, be positive and learn to adjust to the situation in order to avoid uncertainties and irreversible mistakes”.

Mr Fairus also indicated a useful step in developing positive mindset whereby individuals should be well aware of their own strengths and weaknesses in order to have a definite purpose in achieving the desired outcome.

The entire training session was an engaging and interactive session which left participants with a motivation to develop themselves into active contributors and create positive relationships with co-workers within the organisation.

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