CUCMS Scholar Wins ‘Tunas Potensi’ Award

Kuala Lumpur, January 19th, 2019 – The Rising Star award also known as ‘TRuST’ is a platform for all graduated ‘Tunas Potensi’ scholars under the Yayasan Peneraju Pendidikan Bumiputera to be recognized for their academic achievements.

This year’s TRuST ’19 was themed “Seeds of the Future” and one of CUCMS’s scholar won the Overall Best Student Award out of 5 other candidates. Nornabilah Binti Nor Azman, a recent graduate from the Faculty of Pharmacy has always been an outstanding student since enrolling at the university.

Her impressive resume includes appearing on the Dean’s list for five consecutive semesters and active participation in the National Pharmacy Quiz. Nornabilah is also careful to be sure that she keeps a good balance between her academics and extracurricular activities by being involved in activities such as sports carnivals, volunteering and fundraising events. According to her, “Education shouldn’t just be about classrooms and solving problems. There are plenty of experiences outside the classroom that can contribute to the growth of students and contribute to their knowledge of the world and the way they choose to move within in”.

“My advice to students participating next year is to go beyond and do not hesitate to take bold steps”. “Be proactive and always make CUCMS proud of our achievements”, she added. Nornabilah is currently working at Klinik Kesihatan Merlimau Melaka as a Provisional Registered Pharmacist.

TRuST is a great platform for scholars to establish a good rapport among graduates from other universities, peers as well as potential employers. To date, Yayasan Peneraju has produced 20,060 successful Bumiputera graduates since its inception in 2012 under its three core programmes namely, ‘Peneraju Tunas’, ‘Peneraju Skil’ and ‘Peneraju Profesional’. The foundation is mandated to develop and nurture 40,000 Bumiputera talents by 2020.


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