University Mace

The Mace is a symbol of the University’s role as custodians of knowledge and learning and the authority in awarding degrees to those deemed as students.

It is present during Convocation Ceremonies and precedes the Chancellor in the ceremonial procession.

University Logo

The University logo serves as a visual identity of the university. It consist of two colours, namely purple and white. Purple symbolizes the values of caring, nobility and spirituality where else the white represents kindness, wholeness and a sense of completeness.

The rectangular shape was specifically chosen as it reflects a sense firmness, stability and strength. These are values required to be a competent & ethical professional.

University Anthem

The university anthem is sung to celebrate the University and strengthen the esprit-de-corps. The following are its lyrics:-

From humble beginnings
Through many a tribulation
Nurturing the passion to care
A noble profession

Guided by teachers
Like parents
Deserving respectful love
We are brothers and sisters
Striving for excellence

We seek knowledge
Divine and whole
Enriching the soul
Uplifting the character
For what is success
If it isn’t blessed

Cherishing moments
The joy and sadness
For the wrongs
Seek forgiveness

The Path of God, straight
Do not deviate
Feel His Grace
His Mercy, embrace

May our varsity prosper
With His Pleasure
Serving all of humanity
Is our pleasure